Love and happiness

Love and happiness

“Love is not all about receiving, it is more of giving and not asking in return.”

Seeing the one you love happy is the best feeling you could ever feel. It gives you the satisfaction seeing them smile especially when you know you’re the reason behind that smile. It may made you sacrifice a lot of things but the most important thing is that the person you love to see smiling is the same person who makes you smile as well. Because love is when someone else’s happiness is your happiness.

Do  not mind what others think of you when loving a person. When you fall in love, give it your best and don’t settle for less.  Give your 100% so that you will not regret at the end.


It is inevitable for people in love to face circumstances that may sometimes lead to misunderstanding and will hurt the feelings of both the person involve. However, if love really is present in the relationship, it will always be utmost the other thing. Happiness depends on the way you define it. If love is the reason for your happiness then good. If not, better luck next time. Do not overthink. Go with flow and enjoy life.